Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Episode 2: To master we must learn.


Master Status: (3:40)
Natalie emailed the Knitting Guild Association to inquire about the master hand knitting packet. Alicia and Natalie are “patiently” waiting for the directions.

Master Plan: (4:49)
Natalie and Alicia will read through the packet as soon as they receive it via email.
Alicia plans on checking out the suggested reading list from the master knitting ravelry group.

In our hands: (5:50)
Alicia is still plugging away on her bridesmaids shawls and developed a real plan to have them complete in time.
She also cast on sleeve #2 of her  Blank Canvas by Ysolda Teague.

Natalie is currently working on Tubed socks for the girls out of Paton’s Kroy Sock in Blue Striped Ragg leftovers. She discusses the challenges of knitting them in public. She cast on an ankle sock using ONline Supersocke Cotton Beach Color improvised pattern top down and is going to attempt a fish lips heel by SockTherapy. She is also knitting positive energy into Alicia's wedding shawl Aphrodite by Sivia Harding using Juniper Moon Farm Findley in this lovely pale blue colorway.

Dropped stitches:(14:58)
Natalie attempts and fails at trying Cat Bordhi’s Sweet tomato heel.
Alicia had a little hiccup on the last few rows of Traveling Woman #4 but quickly caught it. You would think she could knit this without pattern by now!
Alicia asks Natalie, What’s up with all these new heels?
Alicia defines “tinking.”

Master Pieces:(20:00)
Alicia blocked both Traveling Woman shawl #3 and  #4.
Alicia discusses how she has been blocking the shawls. She has been using Knit Picksblocking wires.

Study Hall:(23:17)
Natalie talked about the workshop she attended this past weekend called "Beyond the Pattern" aka "purls" of wisdom class by Chris Bylsma at A Good Yarn in Sarasota, FL. Chris teaches a Craftsy course as well.  Natalie mentions Chris’s patterns Grace, Essence, and Misbehavin Vest.  She learned about SSP and more.  Met kjpage on ravelry, who sat next to her.

Simply Selfie:(38:29)
Alicia discusses some of her wedding plans. She ran the Campbell Dickinson St. Patrick’s Day 5K. She discusses a recent lifestyle change. She is going to train for the next one in July.
Natalie has been working late gearing up for a users conference but haven't made it to knit group in a while. Ria is teething and has an ear infection causing sleepless nights She is walking, becoming her own, finding her voice, and her birthday is coming up QUICK!  Carmen loves to “knit” my knitting.

Raise your Hand?: (48:50)
This week we ask: Who taught you how to knit?
Alicia shares her story of how Christine Morse taught her how to knit. She also mentions encouragement and inspiration from her college roommate, Kelly Clarson.
She discusses her first “real” project. Baby Love Baby Blanket by Lion Brand
Natalie talks about how she learned from a lady at a local yarn shop Stitchworm. CrazyAuntPurl was the blog that inspired her to learn to knit.

Happy Tails: (57:40)
Natalie shares Jackjack’s story.
To submit your own story, please go here and fill out a form.  We will read your animals rescue story on future podcasts.

Comfort zone:(1:04:03)
Alicia picked up some Blue Stripped Ragg! Is loving the end of race feeling and scratching off to dos! She also bought some Shadow Tonal Lace yarn from Knit Picks.
Natalie has been enjoying indoor smores.

You can email us at Alicia is knottyknitter17on Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram, Natalie can be found on twitter , Instagram,plurk, everlapse, and ravelry as barknknit.

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