Friday, May 2, 2014

Episode 5: Surprise!

Natalie and Alicia thank masteringtheknitsfan for their iTunes review. We also thank MaryEliz for her blog comments and directed listeners to check out her fair isle knee highs!

Master Status (2:56):
Natalie completed swatches 1, 2, 3 and plans to reknit 3. She used the ribbing technique talked about last week to make sure to tighten yarn between stitches in the moss stitch swatch. She started working on the swatch sheets to put in the binder. Alicia worked on swatch #1. She noticed she still needs work on selvedge ends as well as practice tighten second stitch.

Master Plan (6:36):
Our plans is to complete swatches 4, 5, and 6 and Alicia will play catch up. We should consider blocking soon!

In our hands (8:10):
Alicia is still working on Blank Canvas by Ysolda and shares atipfor joining the sleeves.
Natalie continues to knit away on an ankle sock usingONline Supersocke Cotton Beach Colorcolor #941 improvised pattern and using fish lips kiss heel.  She also spent some time planning her SPAKAL.  She plyed old singles left on Leclerc bobbins blue singles from a batt she carded a long time ago.  Then 2 plyed some cormo singles and some left over brown and cormo together.  She flicked some locks and spun from fold 3 little bobbins and carded some and spun from rolags -2 little bobbins. She also flicked locks and spun from end of lock -one big bobbin. It’s very thin and would be nice for a lace weight.

Dropped stitches (25:02):
Natalie picked up an extra stitch somewhere along her lace chart.

Master Pieces (26:30):
Alicia knit a baby hat for baby Camden and shares a story of finishing in a store! Natalie finished Alicia's wedding shawl! Aphrodite by Sivia Harding usingJuniper Moon Farm Findleyin Atmosphere, a lovely pale blue. She used a size 12 crochet hook that was handed down to her by her Aunt . She used size 8 clear crystal beads ordered from beadwrangler beads, kits, & supplies found at Here is a link to a video showing you how to add beads to your knitting with a crochet hook!

Future stitches (29:04):
The new term is starting starting  for theHarry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup. GO GRYFFINDOR!  Natalie is spinning a 2 ply dkish weight from some Superwash Merino roving in a black and red colorway from Abstract Fibers and that will represent Bellatrix Lestrange.
She is planning on knittingLaLa’s Simple Shawlby Laura Linnemanfrom theKnitgirllls video podcastfame in some handspun Romaldale she spun from fiber she bought atSAFFin 2010!  This is representingNarcissa MalfoyShe is also planning on knitting 50 row Shawletteby Susan B Anderson, who also has a video podcast through herblog. She is using some silk yarn that was bought for her from a friend on her trip to Barcelona, Spain! Her classes are going to be socks, swatches both knitting for level 1 and spinning, and a premie hat.

Alicia plans on knitting Jeremy the Emilien hoodie by Ariane Caron-Lacostefor her 3 month long project. She’d like to knit the French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi, and the Swivel Pullover by Kerri Blumer.

Simply Selfie (47:50):
Alicia has been busy busy busy with end of the year craziness that the school year brings. She also helped with her nephew’s 5th Lego Party.
Natalie had game night with friends and family. Her friends are pregnant and gave them their baby stuff. She and her family had an Easter egg hunt, lunch with family, green thumb festival, dance recital, and has been prepping for a weekend getaway with her husband.

Happy Tails (1:03:48):
Jennie Kaderabek
I don’t have a traditional pet adoption story. My first dog adopted us. My two older sisters and I were outside playing. I was around 1, my sisters were 4 1/2 and 5 1/2. They ran into the house and told mom “there is a bear outside”. Of course, she asked where I was! Yep, they left me outside with the “bear”. We adopted the bear, named him Snoopy and he was the BEST dog ever. We suspect he was a black lab mix. We lived on a farm when he found us, so he full adapted to the country living. My grandma would share how she watched us following dad around the farm. The line of people would be dad, my oldest sister, next sister, next sister, a space………, followed by Snoopy.

To submit your own story, please go towww.masteringtheknits.comand fill out a form.  We will read your animals rescue story on future podcasts.

Comfort Zone (1:05:22):
Alicia finally got to connect with her knitting group. She won 1st place in a  6 week boot camp challenge at her gym and her yard is beginning to look like summer!
Natalie enjoys playing games with family.

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