Monday, June 23, 2014

Episode 7: Should be Swatching

Natalie and Lish welcome back listeners as well as talk about where they have been.

(1:28) Natalie shares some exciting news about a new local yarn shop in St. Pete,  Stash a place for Yarn. She also shares some of the yarns the shop will carry.

Master Status:(4:47)
Natalie and Lish have confess they have not completed swatch #7 and #8.
They also reviewed Cast On Magazine published from The Knitting Guild Association.

Master Plan:(17:10)
Natalie and Lish are going to work on the decrease swatches 7 and 8 and block swatches 1-6.

In our hands:(17:45)
Alicia is keeping things simple while she tries to find her knitting mojo. She is working on a Basic Hat by Jennifer Jackson with Knit Picks Shine Worsted in an Ice Blue colorway.
Natalie is working on Toddler Tube socks using Lorna Laces Sport in the Cubs colorway. She continues to work on Kenny’s stocking using Cascade 220 Sport in yellow and blue usingA NEW Family Portrait - A Collection of Three Christmas Stockingsby Dorene Delaney Giordano.

Dropped stitches:(22:05)
Natalie realized after knitting 6 inches and 3/4ths that she was supposed to start increasing at 6 inches.  She decided she just didn’t care enough to rip back and let his be longer.

Master Pieces:(23:42)
Alicia finished up a purple basic hat using Vanna’s Choice acrylic yarn.
Natalie finished up a  Sockhead Hatby Kelly McClure in The Unique Sheep Verve base in the Inspecta gradiance colorway.
Natalie’s family make great knitwear models!

Future Stitches:(27:49)
Natalie plans to knit  Pomme de Pin Cardigan by Amy Christoffers for SPAKAL. She shares her friend, NaturallyKnitty’s Pomme de Pin Cardigan and Effortless Cardigan.
She bound off where she was for her Moonfleetby Janine Le Cras. She plans to knit Haruni shawl by Emily Ross for my Summer of Lace and Beads with the remaining yarn.  The yarn is the Barknknit gradiance colorway in Eos base from The Unique Sheep.
Alicia plans on knitting a shawl using Bohemia Fibers Sock Yarn in the “I got the right to sing the blues colorway.” A yarn inspired by Eric Northman from True Blood.

Simply Selfie: (29:35)
Alicia has survived the end of the year, her students’ graduation and went shopping for a mother of the bride dress. Her mom knows to break for yarn shops. Summer is here and she has been going to her nephew’s tball games.
Natalie had her birthday but has been sick. She discussed her adventures with her mother in law, cousins, brother, and dad visiting. She celebrated her dad’s 80th birthday.
Lish and Natalie discussed how they spent their Father’s Day.

Happy Tails: (48:13)
The Story of How Hugo became a Humphrey.

To submit your own story, please go and fill out a form.  We will read your animals rescue story on future podcasts.

Comfort Zone:(53:04)
Alicia is loving all of her surprises from Natalie including the wedding shawl and gifties. She has been having tea parties with her friends. It is the last last week of work and she is excited for the endless possibilities of summer.
Natalie explains the #100happydays. Natalie started blogging again!

Thank you for joining us for episode 7 of Mastering the Knits. You can find shownotes at or on our ravelry group Mastering the Knits Podcast.   You can email us at Alicia is knottyknitter17 on Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram,  Natalie can be found on twitter, Instagram, plurk, everlapse, and ravelry as barknknit.

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