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Episode 12: Against The Grain

Natalie’s latest finished Hitofude Cardigan


This week’s segments include Master Plan,  Masterpieces, In Our Hands, Future Stitches, Study Hall, Simply Selfie, Raise your hand, Happy Tails, and Comfort Zone.


Master Plan: (1:22)

Alicia and Natalie discuss how they are going to get re-motivated to take on the Master Knitter Program Level 1. Natalie plans to knit swatch 9 and 10, start questions, and organize binder.  Natalie’s plan is to schedule Monday and Wednesday nights as Level 1 work nights. She was inspired from the By the Fibreside Podcast.

Alicia is going to set aside time each week to dedicate to program. She is going to work on program at a minimum of 3 hours per week. She is going to be flexible on the days she works on it. WIth every hour she  will earn a point. Each point will equal $1 for a  sock yarn fund!

What is going to motivate you to get back on track this year? Share your strategy with us in the Ravelry group or on Facebook.


Knit Along!: (5:13)

Alicia and Natalie announce a new ongoing KAL!  #AgainstTheGrainKAL. The goal of the knit-a-long is to go contrary to the natural inclination of your craft or technique. We aren’t limiting the KAL to just those who want to learn a different style of knitting but crafting anything that is opposite of what you normally do.  Feel free to surprise us!!  Be sure to use the hashtag on instagram, facebook, and post to our Ravelry group!


Natalie’s Family Stockings

Master Pieces: (8:15)

Natalie finished Grace, Carmen’s Kindness Elf. She used Bell, the Garden Elfby Ala Ela in Wool of the Andes Sport in several colors.She didnt take them seriously when she had to stuff the head and had to add more so the neck wasn’t floppy.She finished up her stocking using A NEW Family Portrait - A Collection of Three Christmas Stockingsby Dorene Delaney Giordano using cascade 220 sport in burgundy and bare. She also finished a Hitofude Cardiganby Hiroko Fukatsu using The Fiber Seed sprout in their elephant colorway. She discussed some mistakes in the lace and how she got passed them.Finally, she finished up anEasy Scrap-Buster Slouch Hatby Swoon Fibers using some blue Encore someone gave me. She knit this for Halos of Hope. Knit the body of this hat all in continental for the #AgainstTheGrainKAL

Alicia finished up the Barley HatbyTin Can Knits. She also knit many variations of the Knit Hat for EveryonebyKathy Northwith Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, Lion Brand Wool Ease, and Cascade 220. She knit the Super Soft Simple Baby HatbyPurl Bee, TheOhio State colors and Pittsburgh Steelers colors withKnit PicksBrava Bulky. She also caught the sock knitting bug and finished Sock Recipe: A good, plain, sockbyStephanie Pearl McPhee, Knit Picks Felici in Cheer.


Alicia’s finished socks for December

In our hands:(24:30)

Alicia is currently working on Vanilla Latte SocksbyVirginia Rose Jeanes. Patons Kroy SocksinGreen Striped Raggcolorway. She discovered a split stitch creating possibly a weak stitch in a pair of socks. Natalie suggested to duplicate a row of stitches to strengthen.

Natalie is currently working on Anne, Ria’s Kindness Elf.  She is usingBell, the Garden Elfby Ala Ela in Wool of the Andes Sport in several colors.During her road trip she cast on her Christmas present of yarn from Lollipop Yarns.  It’s the We need a little Christmas colorway. She is using her own sock pattern that she published recently that she used to teach a class. It’s called One More Row socksby Natalie Martinez Rush. Finally she cast on the  Breezy Cardiganby Hannah Fettig using some knitpicks capretta in the caviar colorway.


Future Stitches: (40:23)

Alicia plans on casting onthe following:

1.Swivel Pullover by Kerri Blumer

2. Hat for Sheena The Vermonter or The Champlain Baret

3. fingerless mitts for Laurel in NYC


Natalie plans on casting on the following:

  1. Colorwork hat to work out pattern for the class she plans to teach. Using Blue Sky Alpaca in Currant and Calla Lily

  2. Spinning project.  Plan to use the cleaned black corriedale locks to spin up some DK weight for maybe a Blank Canvas by Ysolda Teague.

  3. Kenny’s Valentine’s day gift will be My Dear- A Deer Trophy.


Study Hall: (52:36)

Alicia will be teaching Knitting 101: Basics at Tranquil Grind Coffee Shop in Toronto, OH January 29, 5:30pm.You can register at The Main Street Gallery.  

Natalie published a sock pattern that she used to teach a class. Feel free to download One More Row Socks. She is planning a colorwork hat class for February at Stash A Place for Yarn.


Simply Selfie: (56:54)

Alicia has been spending time with family working on basement renovations, and ready for the new year. She is pushing forward for LPC certification and helping her trainer with a Fitness Challenge. Check it out, You can join anytime!

Natalie had a great Thanksgiving weekend. She was excited to have all the decorations up.  The rest of the weekend was baking pumpkin rolls, cleaning, and helping hubby put up lights. She traveled to Ohio to visit family and of course Alicia! She twin nephew’s are coming! Check out

Sarah and Shari’s reaction.


Raise your Hand?: (1:04:15)

This week we ask: What are your goals for new year?

Natalie posted personal goals to her blog so if you want to see personal goals check them out at She plans the following crafting goals:

1. Organize stash so it's visually pleasing and not just stored away.


3. Take more classes.

4. Teach more classes.

5. Travel to a fiber festival!!  

Alicia’s theme for the year is to be present. She is also going to work on the following crafting goals:

  1. Socks! I would like to knit a pair of socks each month

  2. Teach more classes


Happy Tails: (1:08:40)

Colleen Pappin from Australia shares her touching story of how her whippet puppy chose her.


To submit your own story, please go to  and fill out a form.  We will read your animals rescue story on future podcasts.


Comfort zone: (1:11:45)

Alicia and Natalie share what is currently taking them to their happy place.

Alicia enjoys knitting on some socks at Tranquil Grind.

Thank you for joining us for episode 12 of Mastering the Knits. You can find shownotes at or on our ravelry group Mastering the Knits Podcast. You can email us Follow us on Twitter @MtKnits.  Alicia isknottyknitter17 on Ravelry, Twitter, Instagram. Natalie can be found on twitter, Instagram, and ravelry as barknknit.

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