Wednesday, October 24, 2018

S3E4: Florida Fall is here

Mastering the Knits S3E4: Florida Fall is here

Welcome to the Mastering the Knits podcast!  Natalie starts off this episode with some announcements and extras! She mentions her immuni-tea made with Pomegranate Energizing Tea and Vitalized Immunity


Giveaway (1:30)

Zip-Top Bag from RainStorm Studios listen to the episode to learn how to enter.

Master Status (3:21)

Natalie talks about where she is at and how she is stalled on her TKGA Master Knitter Level 1.

In my hands (6:08)

Natalie talks about knitting

Masterpieces (9:50)

Natalie talks about sewing, sewing, and more sewing.  She talks about using her Husqvarna Viking Madison and her sister’s Husqvarna H class serger.  She has bought fabric from So Sew English and Knitpop. Natalie mentions Habitat for Humanity Pinellas. She talks about the different feeling of sewing and knitting. The following patterns are mentioned in the episode.

Share the Love (24:32)

Natalie talks about  and how she is going to teach for this at Stash a Place for Yarn.

Raise my hand (30:00)

Natalie answers the question: What is your favorite fiber to work with? Continue the conversation in the Ravelry group!

Comfort zone (31:52)

Natalie talks about her passion planner and bullet journaling.


Thank you for joining us for series 3 episode 1 of Mastering the Knits.  You can find show notes at or on our Ravelry group Mastering the Knits Podcast.   You can email us at Follow me on twitter at @MtKnitsPodcast and Instagram as @masteringtheknits

Check out this episode!

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