Friday, January 11, 2019

E4S1: Planting Fiber Seeds

Mastering the Knits S4E1: Planting Fiber Seeds!

Welcome to the Mastering the Knits podcast!  Natalie starts off this episode with some announcements and extras! 

Giveaway (3:45)

December’s giveaway is a pattern of your choice up to $5 on Ravelry. Winner announced in the episode.  January’s giveaway is a skein of the Fiber Seed.

In my hands (5:05)

Natalie mentions the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup and talks about knitting on the following:

Interview (12:15)

Interview with Lindsay English from the Fiber Seed. Instagram @thefiberseed.

Thank you for joining us for series 4 episode 1 of Mastering the Knits.  You can find show notes at or on our Ravelry group Mastering the Knits Podcast.   You can email us at Follow me on twitter at @MtKnitsPodcast and Instagram as @masteringtheknits

Check out this episode!

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